Should Pharma be helping KOL’s build their online ranking?

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Where is the limit for Pharma in building the super-charged KOL status online for its favorite physicians?

In many ways Pharma has had a mystic influence in building and crafting the future KOL’s, based on their own capabilities (great presenters, scientifically astute, and often because they also favor Pharma-Physician “partnerships”). In the more traditional world this has  been undertaken in the form of invites as speakers to key events, and also invites as participants in national/international congresses.

In the digital world things might be a little different – today we still have this window of opportunity to boost reasonable authors up the ranking through careful planning and a bit of digital savvy.

I love the dynamic infogram below that nicely demonstrates some of the key factors. The question still remains though – should it be the HCP or Pharma that invests to reap the result?

The Author Rank Building Machine #verticalmeasures #Infographic #Authorrank
Data Graphic by Vertical Measures

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