FDA okays AliveCor’s iPhone heart monitor

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San Francisco-based AliveCor Inc.’s new iPhone electrocardiogram app has been approved by the FDA – now available for presale to medicla professionals (in the USA only!)… This is a big hurdle, and has been somewhat controversial as to the definitions of medical apps. Pharma needs to integrate these step-change developments into its own R&D process, […]

HTML5 vs. Apps: Why The Debate Matters, And Who Will Win

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Pharma marketers (and their business integrators, agencies, etc.) looking to develop mobile apps should read this article (HTML5 vs Apps – general understanding – click on image) ….in combination with this article (Pharma specifics): http://pharmastrategic.com/2012/10/11/to-pharma-app-or-not-to-pharma-app-then-theres-the-it-question/  ; See on www.businessinsider.com