Pharma Marketers alert – Disruptive tool you need to know about, and need!

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Health tech startup Medikly disrupts pharma marketing with KONNECT that integrates content management, social media and big data analytics into one solution Sven‘s insight: I personally love this platform, it is lightyears ahead of where we are today. I have personally seen this platform in action. I’d even add to the first paragraph our bread-and-butter […]

It isn’t regs, AER, or ROI that are impeding pharma socially; it’s internal culture

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Dell’s Andrew Jackson (@ajax_63) writes: Based on our experience at Dell, we see a digital engagement strategy includes: * Objectives: engagement is strategic when aligned with the care organisation’s wider goals, when its impact can be measured and when it is fully integrated with the processes delivering care. Care organisations should consider engagement objectives which […]

74% of Pharma Execs Are Most Concerned About the Changing Commercial Business Model

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Cegedim Relationship Management today announced the release of its thought leadership report, 2012 US Pharma Insights, which provides the results of its third annual survey of life sciences decision makers on current challenges, upcoming business developments, preferred strategies and next generation technology. Leveraging analysis from three years of responses, the report delivers a holistic view […]

Is pharma serious about customer relationship management?

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The financial industry is a great role-model to Pharma – highly regulated, sensitive, and in deep need of customer understanding and knowledge. This article by Kevin is about customer relationship management in the financial industry, compared with the pharmaceutical industry. Many of the points raised are really great, and should guide us forward. In reality […]

Print: still not dead!

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We all (well, a few of us digital evangalists) get really excited about digital in the multi-channel ether, but beware those that forget paper! This bit of research shows us just how attached to printed articles our doctors still are… but please do not let this be a reason to forget all those other channels […]

Sales Force Report: Shadowing the Reps

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This article provides much background on the changing dynamics of the Pharma industry, and how initial “digital” initiatives have not delivered the expected results, but also giving an honest appraisal of the downsizing of the sales foce. Sales Force Report: Shadowing the Reps Although there is much value in this post, and well worth the […]

How To Create A Digital Marketing Strategy

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Where is the starting point in such a mission? Already from the title I’m a little concerned that we’re going to create isolation. Yes, I’m a digital geek, but to really shift the needle digital is only part of multi-channel. If we want Pharma to have a meaningful impact on their target audience we need […]

Healthcare Technology Trends 2012 – Accenture

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Forward looking report from Accenture that highlights six healthcare technology trends that they believe will impact how life sciences companies use technology in the future to drive growth: Context-based services Converging data architectures Industrialized data services Social-driven information technology (IT) Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)-enabled agility Orchestrated analytical security See on

The SEO Path to Becoming a Great Funnel Owner

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We’re reaching into the specialist expertise with this article. The Pharma marketer probably will never grasp all the elements outlined in this excellently written post, but should become aware of the top-level drivers, and then lean on his/her support teams to make it happen. Additionally, a we need to integrate the off-line channels into the […]

The rise of the multichannel contact centre – Pharma could learn a thing or two here

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Are MedInfo teams structured to meet “customer” expectations?   New research published by ContactBabel reveals that over 17% of interactions handled by UK contact centres are through email, web chat or social media. Web chat between customers and agents has risen from 0.7% of all inbound traffic to contact centres to 1.3% this year, with […]

Patient-Centered Medical Information Teams Direct Pharmaceutical Company’s Focus to Their Products’ End-Users

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This post clearly plugs the vendor selling the report, but the takehome points are excellent. Much to be expected in our current environment where marketing budgets are migrating to MedInfo & MedEd due to the increasing hurdles product promotion needs to clear. From BioPortfolio: Patient-centric pharmaceutical companies are more likely to have larger medical information […]