Why Your Social Media Metrics Are a Waste of Time

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The intangible benefits of social media are the enemy of actionable metrics. Many companies use the wrong metrics to measure their performance, especially when it comes to social media. “Vanity metrics” = Page views, unique visitors, registered members, conversion rates, email-newsletter open rates, number of Twitter followers, or Facebook likes. These metrics are the most […]

Is pharma serious about customer relationship management?

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The financial industry is a great role-model to Pharma – highly regulated, sensitive, and in deep need of customer understanding and knowledge. This article by Kevin is about customer relationship management in the financial industry, compared with the pharmaceutical industry. Many of the points raised are really great, and should guide us forward. In reality […]

How Important is Pinterest for Pharma …

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Nice post showing simple logic KPI/ROI analysis of social media platform. Pharma brand teams could learn a thing or two from this simple exercise. Thanks John. “For the past 30 days, the top ten referring sites for Pharma Marketing Network include (in decreasing order of visits) Pharma Marketing Blog (ie, people clicking through on links […]