Succeeding With Social Media in Mental Health & Addiction Services: Six Dos & Six Don’ts

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This week, writer Cecile LaBore brings us a practical look at how healthcare providers can effectively use social media as part of their communications plans. Cecile LaBore is Administrator for Recovery Systems Institute.  RecoverySI focuses on bridging the gap between treatment and recovery by providing information, tools, and resources for people in recovery and their families, […]

Social media has already changed the healthcare landscape irrevocably

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As patients increasingly turn toward social media to access healthcare and self-diagnose, the patient-provider relationship is changing, the book argues. The first step in this change came when patients gained access to medical information online. Now they’re adding the power of crowd sourcing, which means the healthcare industry isn’t just seeing a more educated patient […]

Creation Pinpoint. Social media monitoring tool for studying healthcare professional conversations.

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Creation Pinpoint is the world’s only (see my comment below) social media monitoring tool dedicated to studying conversations taking place between healthcare professionals. It is used by pharmaceutical brand managers to • Find doctors talking about specific therapy areas or products via Twitter, blogs and forums • Discover who they are influencing and how • […]

How Sanofi Is Writing The Social Media Rules For Big Pharma Without Running Afoul Of The FDA

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The biggest challenge to treating patients with diabetes isn’t doling out medications, it’s making sure that people control their habits. Poor diet and lack of exercise generally create complications with the disease. Sven‘s insight: There is just so much content out there! I missed this one! This article from August of last year is a […]

Pharma cannot afford to ignore social media

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There are two ways that pharma can participate in social media: (1) Passive – Use social media to listen to what patients and consumers are saying about your product/brand or health condition.  The risk is very low and adverse event reporting is not required. (2) Agressive – Use your brand 0n social media and actively […]

Pharma Marketers alert – Disruptive tool you need to know about, and need!

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Health tech startup Medikly disrupts pharma marketing with KONNECT that integrates content management, social media and big data analytics into one solution Sven‘s insight: I personally love this platform, it is lightyears ahead of where we are today. I have personally seen this platform in action. I’d even add to the first paragraph our bread-and-butter […]

Why Your Social Media Metrics Are a Waste of Time

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The intangible benefits of social media are the enemy of actionable metrics. Many companies use the wrong metrics to measure their performance, especially when it comes to social media. “Vanity metrics” = Page views, unique visitors, registered members, conversion rates, email-newsletter open rates, number of Twitter followers, or Facebook likes. These metrics are the most […]

Health games at work

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Fran Melmed (@femelmed) writes: In the past year, and much to my surprise, I’ve become a game developer. My game, Hotseat, uses smartphones to get us up out of our seats throughout the day to reduce the health risks associated with prolonged sitting, or “sitting disease”—which include obesity, of course, but also kidney disease, heart […]

Social Media Jeans today – effortless “quantified self” tomorrow

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Insight: Branded jeans manufacturer now designing social media into the fabric! Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that these gate-keepers are signaling how the masses of tomorrow will adopt and integrate technology into their everyday life, making the “quantified self” a reality. Healthcare stakeholders should be strategically analysing what this could mean for their […]

Correlation Between Social Media Performance and Stock Price – apparently AZ is succeeding on social media!

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While some companies like Shell and AstraZeneca are succeeding on social media, a new study finds that two-thirds of FTSE 100 companies are failing to effectively engage on platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In fact, the study finds… Sven Awege‘s insight: Wow, blown away to find out that AZ is succeeding on social media. […]

Where can brand teams get real insights into how to engage with their audience?

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“After surveying 250 marketing executives and over 2,000 consumers, it’s clear that what marketers consider to be high-value engagement is not always thought of in the same way by consumers.”… Interesting article on a recent Forbes report about the disconnect between brands and consumers when it comes to social media. Key findings of the report: Marketers view consumers’ […]